Welcome to the June term sign up.

The term is from June 19 - August 11, 2017. 
Tuition is $2,950 with FREE housing.
Hey there! I'm Erin. I will be your virtual guide through the sign up for the June term at Exosphere Academy. 

We believe elite education should be accessible to all people. This means that we do not have a bureaucratic application process with tons of steps and procedure.

If you believe that the becoming a student at the next term will help you achieve your goals and ambitions, then we want you to attend. 

So let's get to it.

We can start with an easy one...

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Keeping with the easy ones--let's make it a bit more visual. 

Here are pictures of three of the 42(!) beaches around Florianópolis. These are all within a 15 to 45 minute drive of the Academy campus. 

I'm curious, which beach would you visit first?

Trust me, this is a very scientific question :P

{{answer_41951439}}, eh? Not a bad choice.. Remember to bring your sunglasses.

Did I mention that weekends are open at the Academy? We really encourage students to balance the heavy workload of the weekdays with relaxing weekends.

And if beaches aren't your thing, there are alot of other great options to have fun and unwind.

Some people from {{answer_42158937}} use Whatsapp and texting for nearly everything. So if you are one of those people, enter your whatsapp number and we will contact you there. (Please include country code)

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{{answer_41956121}}! Me too! The average age of the students from the last program was around 28. But the range was from 18 to 53.

{{answer_41956121}}! You are younger than me! I'm 26. No worries, we have had students as young as 16.

{{answer_41956121}}, you are my elder :) No worries, the ages of the alumni have ranged from 16 up to 58. But I'm sure that range will change soon. And besides, age is just a number. What matters is your attitude and mindset.

Here is the view from some of the student apartments. It overlooks the neighborhood of Cidade Pedra Branca. It's growing very fast, so don't be surprised to see some new construction when you get here.

Speaking of apartments, you get free housing with your spot at the Academy. We will talk about those details at a future date.

Do you have a website or blog that you would like to share with us? We like to see the creative side of our students before they arrive.

There will be some amazing courses at the June term, lead by field experts we call, "Fellows." 

And because of the trans-disciplinary approach, you will be able to learn a lot from each course and collaborate with students from other courses. 

We ask you to choose one course to be your main focus. *

Still unsure? Don't worry, pick the one you think is the best fit. This is not your "final answer."

That's great! Blockchain App Development is an awesome course. In June of 2016, the World Economic Forum listed Blockchain as number 3 on their list of top emerging technologies.

Governments, banks, law firms, and other major organizations are scrambling to understand and implement it. This means there is a lot of money for people who do understand it and have skills to build solutions.

Additionally, it was the most popular course at the January term.

That's great! Biohacking is an awesome course. It is an exciting field with things like body implants, genetic modification, and optimizing existing biological processes. 

There will be alot of projects to complete in this course. You will be learning 100% by getting your hands dirty and doing real science! So whether you are a beginner, or a pro, there is a lot for you in this course.

That's great! Intro to Software Development is an awesome course. You are going to learn how to make computers come to life.

This stream is focused on languages like Python, Java, and C++. So whether you want to build software, apps, or start creating your own machine learning programs, this course is for you.

This course is 100% hands on. You will be learning by actually programming projects. This is also an introductory course, so if you have little or no experience, this course is for you.

That's great! Startups: Launching an MVP is an awesome course. You are going to learn all there is about the theory of entrepreneurship and actually build a product or service MVP during your 8 weeks in Brazil.

Entrepreneurship is one of the most difficult career paths one can choose. But it is also one of the most rewarding. Our team of fellows will be here for you to help you at each step of the way. We will encourage you, and lift you up when you are down, but ultimately, your success is up to you.

This course is 100% hands on. You will be learning by trying and failing. You will be building, networking, pitching, thinking, talking, hustling, and learning all the time. If you think you have what it takes, we are excited to help you reach the upper limits.

That's great! Design Thinking & Project Management is an awesome course. Everything in life is designed by someone. Either consciously or subconsciously. Either good or bad. 

Whether it is a product, service, experience, or something else entirely, understanding sound design principles can be THE difference between a massive success and a mediocre launch.

This course is 100% hands on. You will be learning by doing. Getting your hands dirty, building, iterating, getting feedback, trying new things, challenging yourself, and always improving. No matter what you do after the Academy term, the skills and ideas you learn in Design Thinking will help you stand out and succeed.

Time for another one of those super scientific questions. 

Deeply engrained into the culture of southern Brazil is something called "Churrasco." It means barbeque. 

You can expect to eat alot of world class barbeque when you are here. 

So, judging from these two mouth-watering photos, which is your preference?

So tell me a little about your goals, ambitions, and desires for the next 12 months. How do you think the {{answer_41968095}} course will help you achieve these? *

Interesting, I look forward to talking with you about this. 

Do you consider yourself more business focused or science & technology focused? *

If you are business focused, then I figure now is a good time to show you some of the campus ;)

This is the main square of Cidade Pedra Branca. The building is one of the many office buildings that will soon be full of Exosphere Academy startups and teams!
If you are science and tech focused, then I figure now is a good time to show you some of the campus ;)

This is the main square of Cidade Pedra Branca. The building is one of the many new buildings that will soon be full of Exosphere Academy science labs and tech spaces!
Here is that same plaza during the day, and facing the famous Pedra Branca (White Stone).

And one from the other side, showing the Atrium. This is the building where most of the students hang out. It's got a nice cafe and an awesome coworking space called the Impact Hub.

Do you have an existing project or idea you want to create while at the June term?

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Thank you so much for your interest in the June term. And for sharing so much with us. 

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Feel free to share this on social media or with your pals if you want them to join you on this journey. There is plenty of room for more awesome people who want to create a human-centered future!